Running a group

Our group contacts are vital for keeping our Neighbourhood Support groups ticking along.

The role of the group contact is to pass on information from Neighbourhood Support Nelson,  share information about crime in the neighbourhood, and keep the group’s contact list up to date. They can also encourage members to get to know each other – although the members should also share this responsibility.

Anyone in the group can invite neighbours to join, as long as the group contact is happy with the size of the group. If they think the group is too big they should let the Neighbourhood Support Nelson co-ordinator know, who will help to split the group.

An effective group is one where members:

  • Communicate with each other when they are going away on holiday, and help each other by collecting mail etc
  • Notify each other of any criminal activity or anything suspicious that is happening in their neighbourhood
  • Offer support to any of their neighbours who have been victims of crime
  • Take basic crime prevention measures to secure their property
  • Have worked out how they will deal with natural disasters and emergencies
  • Are aware of the resources available in the neighbourhood
  • Keep their group contact informed when their contact details change
  • Respect each other’s confidences.
  • Are aware of any physical limitations that any neighbours may have (young children, disabled, elderly etc.)


Tips for running a group

Membership form

Member welcome flyer