Become a Supporter

We rely on grants, donations , sponsorship and fundraising to provide our services – we do not receive any funding from the police or other Government agencies.

There are various ways you can help us support our network of Neighbourhood Support groups. Please contact us if you’d like to know more.

Become a sponsor:  As a sponsor you’ll be acknowledged publicly and get the opportunity to promote your business or organisation to our network of more than 4000 households. Promotional opportunities include: our website; Facebook page;  signage on our vehicle; newsletters and e-newsletters;  resource packs provided to households; and involvement in various events such as Neighbours Day Aotearoa. Sponsorship packages cost from $200 and we can tailor a package to suit. Please contact us to discuss a sponsorship package.

Become a donor:  You can make a one-off donation here through our Givealittle page. If you’d like to make regular donations please contact us. We are a registered charity so you may be entitled to tax rebates.

In kind donations: You may want to support us by donating goods or services or supporting us with advertising and publicity. For example, we’re always grateful for items to put in our Junior Neighbourhood Support“goody bags” which we give to students to recognise their good deeds. As a donor you’ll be acknowledged on our website, Facebook page, in our newsletters and e-newsletters, and in media articles.

Fundraising events: You may want to organise fundraising events on our behalf or be involved in fundraising projects that we run. Please contact us to discuss your idea.

Volunteering: We rely heavily on volunteers to provide our services. Our volunteers carry out tasks such as: helping out in the office; delivering information flyers in neighbourhoods affected by crime;  and distributing information flyers to community groups, businesses and other organisations. Our governance committee is also made up of volunteers.

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