Connect with neighbours on Neighbours Day

High res logo no dateIf you’d like to get to know your neighbours better, you’ll have an ideal  opportunity on Neighbours Day Aotearoa on March 25 and 26. The national event encourages neighbours to say hello, share a cuppa or organise a neighbourhood get-together.

To celebrate the event, Neighbourhood Support Nelson is giving away food  and equipment hire vouchers for neighbourhood gatherings around that weekend.

Neighbourhood Support Nelson co-ordinator Karen Clark says last year 65 neighbourhood gatherings were held in Nelson, which was the highest number of any city in the country per capita.

“We’re hoping participation will be just as high this year, or even higher,’’ she says. “The people of Nelson have always embraced the Neighbours Day concept with enthusiasm and shown a willingness to connect with neighbours. ‘’

The vouchers are available to any neighbourhood gathering of 5 households or more in the Nelson city boundaries. They include meat pack, bakery and pizza vouchers for social gatherings and waterblaster, weedeater or trailer hire vouchers for neighbourhood clean-ups. People wanting to apply can do so via the form below. Applications close on February 24.
The vouchers have been funded through a grant from the Nelson City Council, and sponsorship from participating businesses such as Pestell’s Rai Bacon Company, Stoke Bakery, Pizza Hut and Hirepool.

voucher-application-form (word document)

voucher-application-form (PDF)

event-tips (Tips for organising events)

Neighbours Day Aotearoa website

Neighbours Day Aotearoa

DSC_0026 (2)Nelson neighbourhoods have embraced Neighbours Day Aotearoa and organised all sorts of gatherings to celebrate the event on the last weekend of March.There will be BBQs, street parties, working bees, morning teas and dessert evenings over the course of the weekend.

Neighbourhood Support Nelson has distributed 65 meat pack and bakery vouchers to neighbourhoods organising events and there are many other groups holding events as well. Participants include the Stoke Retirement Village, which is expecting 60 to 70 households in take part in their BBQ, and the Totara Grove Units in the Wood, which is expecting 40 households to take part in their gathering on their village green.
There are many smaller gatherings planned as well, with groups of neighbours getting together in parks, streets and people’s backyards.

Neighbourhood Support Nelson co-ordinator Karen Clark says it’s great to see so many neighbours entering into the spirit of Neighbours Day, which aims to bring neighbours together.
“It’s an ideal opportunity to connect with neighbours and every connection helps turn neighbourhoods into safer, friendlier places to live,” she says.
“Even if you just invite your neighbours over for a cuppa, or make an effort to say hello to a neighbour you don’t know, that’s joining in the spirit of things.”

Karen says Neighbourhood Support Nelson is very grateful to the Nelson City Council and Network Tasman Trust for providing funding for the meat pack and bakery vouchers, and to Pestell’s butchery and Stoke Bakery for supplying the vouchers at a discount.

Ideas, tips and resources for Neighbours Day can be downloaded from